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Directed by
Lee Pepper

Screenplay by
Jordan Graye
with Eddy Von Mueller


David de Vries

Jordan Graye

Don Griffin

Larry Larson

John Ammerman

JP Morgan
Bruce Evers

Frank Brennan

Dane Tesla T
rip Henningson

Young Tesla
Royce Carter Mann

Sid Jeffries
Pierre Perea

David Montgomery
Robert Pralgo

Katie Montgomery
Kelsey Walter

WRFT program dir.
Paul “PSilly” Ciliano

WRFT acct exec
Ben Yaun

WRFT promo dir.
Deborah “Pipes” Reece

WRFT promo guy #1
Rik Ludel

WRFT promo guy #2
Dave Clapper

Fox Theatre promo girl
Blair Westbrook

Fox Theatre concierge
Glen Posten

Fox Theatre sec/staff
Harry Simmons


Executive Producers
Jordan Graye
Jane “mimi” Berman

Produced by
Lee Pepper

Cinematography (additional)
James M. Bridges

First Assistant Camera
Charlsey Adkins

Location Manager
Steve Dirkes

Original Score
Knight Berman

Kaedy Kiely
Dave Marino

Final Cut Pro Editor
Jordan Graye

Special Effects
Clay Walker
Plan B Productions

“MHz” title motion
Frank Salvato
Insomniac Rhythmz and Design

Production coordinator
Stephanie Ryan

Production Assistants
Steve Dirkes
Rita Nicole Leslie
Joey Sisson
Safiya Harrison (intern)

Production Designer
Ellen L. Kerr
Special Projects, Inc.

Art Department
Ellen L. Kerr

Art Department Assistants
Karen A. Felix
Jimmy Johnson

Nancy Hilley
Onstage Atlanta

Prop Assistant
Daniel B. Foster

Jafari Bernard
Michelle Phillips
Gina Cassidy

Sound Mixers
Drew Ponder
Greg Linton
Michael Filosa
Terry Fitzpatrick

Vere Fisher

Jeff Dillon
Bobb Lovett

Best Boy
Terence “Terry” Trotter

Script Supervisor
Ashley Patterson

Vocal /acting coach to Jordan Graye (one scene)
Sheri Stewart Mann

Coil Consultant
Alex Carver
Ga Tech EE

Marconi’s Crystal Radio
Bob Garcia

The Bountiful Basket


“Back To You”
written and performed by Mika

“Fantastic Day”
written and performed by The Marble Tea
Presto MusiCo

“Tesla 1”
written and performed by Max Eider
Tundraducks Records

“Say Goodbye”
written and performed by The Marble Tea
Presto MusiCo

“Snappin Beans”
written and performed by The Truckstop Babies

“Songs My Mother Taught Me” and “Symphony From the New World”
written by Antonin Dvorak
music provided by StudioCutz.Com

“Montauk Point”
written and performed by David de Vries
2003 Shadow Walk Songs

“Who’s Been in Your Dreams”
written and performed by The Marble Tea
Presto MusiCo

“Georgia On My Mind”
written by Stuart Gorrell and Hoagy Carmichael
performed by Larry Douglas Embury
Organist In residence, The Fox Theatre Atlanta


Shot on Location
Atlanta Hospital Hospitality House
Cox Radio Atlanta
The Fox Theatre Atlanta
Georgia Institute of Technology
with special thanks to
Lisa Ray Grovenstein at Space Planning and to George P. Burdell

The Executive Producer wishes to thank
Nikola Tesla, William Fox, Thomas Edison, Guglielmo Marconi, JP Morgan, Margaret Alegria, Terence Silliman, Jane Berman, Blair Berman, Knight Berman, Leslie Bradford, Karyn Cerulli, Joan Aderman, Tad Hutchison/Airtran
and Mr. William Terbo (Tesla’s Grand Nephew)


Nikola Tesla was born July 10th 1856 in Lika (Austro-Hungarian Province now known as Croatia). He shuffled off his mortal coil on January 7th 1943 room 3327 Hotel New Yorker. Upon his death, The Office of Alien Property and his nephew Sava Kosanovic were the first to arrive.

Many of Tesla’s papers were classified at Wright Field (now Wright-Patterson AFB). It is rumored that Pres. Reagan’s Star Wars program was based on Tesla technology.

Electromagnetic waves between the earth’s upper crust and the ionosphere were detected in 1954. They are the Schumann Resonances.

Please read:
Man Out of Time / Margaret Cheney
Prodigal Genius / John O’Neill
My Inventions / Nikola Tesla

Production Note: The lesser told story of Dane’s death was used since the story of being thrown from the family horse was cost prohibitive. (and I, like Tesla, ran out of money!)

Dedicated to Barry Chase WQXI and Scotty Andrews WVEE
and to every jock everywhere

Coyright 2009 MHz (Megahertz) All Rights Reserved

In Loving Memory of
Fred E. Berman, Ph.D

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